Who We Are


PAWS4Thought Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-breed animal rescue organization. Most of what we do is rescue dogs from shelters when they at risk of being euthanized, as well as abandoned, abused, and stray dogs in both the U.S. and Tijuana/Rosarito areas. We also rescue many dogs from owners who are forced to surrender them due to financial or personal hardships.

PAWS4Thought is committed to reducing the number of dogs who are at risk of being euthanized or are left hurt and/or abandoned each and every day.  Our primary goal is to rescue and rehabilitate these dogs in loving foster homes until they are adopted into their permanent “fur-ever” homes. We also focus on educating the public by providing information on rescue procedures, and we conduct low cost and free spay/neuter events to those who need these services. 

PAWS4Thought is a 100% non-profit volunteer organization that could not survive without the loving dedication and support of volunteers, foster families and sponsors who dedicate their time, homes and contributions to help save and support those without a voice.

What We Do

We rescue and rehabilitate abandoned and abused dogs, provide vaccines and medical treatment, and assist in the placement of these dogs into loving homes.

All of our dogs are housed within our veterinary clinic and cared for until they are either placed with a loving foster family or a “fur-ever” home. We pride ourselves in finding the perfect match for both dog and human.



At PAWS4Thought, we are committed to rescuing, rehabbing and caring for abused, abandoned and neglected animals in both the U.S. and Mexico by providing medical care, fostering services and adoption placement in responsible homes. We are willing to assist with certain costs, such as providing spay/neuter clinics to those in low-income neighborhoods.



At the heart of animal rescue is a network of people who share a passion for saving and protecting creatures who end up in unfortunate circumstances for one reason or another. The process is not for the faint of heart. And for some, animal rescue is their life’s passion. We at PAWS4Thought juggle jobs, families and caring for our own pets, so that we may save the lives of others. Our resources, time and money are invested in an effort to end the suffering of the many animals that cross our path.

Thank you to our Corporate Supporters


Stats for 2018


Total All Year: 260


Deceased: 23

Remaining (rollover): 62

Transfer: 3

P4T’s Save Rate is calculated as such:
245 Live Outcomes divided by (207 All Outcomes – 38 Unhealthy/Untreatable) 245/(245-38) = .84
The Asilomar Live Release Rate is 84%.
This does not include sponsored pets. If calculated including the 160 sponsored pets the Asilomar Live Release Rate is 90%.

Our Team


Board of Directors

PAWS4Thought team members come from many different backgrounds in ethnicity, financial stability and style. But the one thing we all have in common is our love for animals. Together, we work tirelessly to change the lives of the abused, abandoned and neglected so that each and every animal has the chance for a loving home.

Negar Mirgoli

Co-Founder & Chair

Judy Clayton

Co-Founder & Vice-Chair

Martin Loyd


William Lopez

Marketing Chair

Melaine Monroe


Renee Dudek

North County Foster Coordinator

Melissa Scharbarth

Board Member

Veterinary Services


The experienced, compassionate and dedicated teams who operate our veterinary clinics in Baja California make it possible to save the countless lives of abused and abandoned dogs who would otherwise die on the streets.